What is it?

MVPServer is the an alternate server for the MediaMVP.

The server core is written using the core library from vdr-mediamvp, but the user interface is written using an embeded python interpreter.

VDR integration is performed by a version of vdrpylib and streamdev to provide live streams.

MVPServer is currently under development, but it's still usable, advantages over vdr-mediamvp include:



First and last release.


Web page shuffle around.

Things that are going on/have happened recently:

MVPserver should now be able to provide a dongle.bin to any MVPs about the place, you'll still need a bog-standard dhcp server to give it an IP address though, but the one on your broadband router should do the trick!

Ian has built a java client to connect to the server and view the interface in a platform independent way, this can be served up by MVPserver's built in HTTP interface. The source code is in the mvpviewer directory up on CVS, alternatively you can download a compiled version from sourceforge. The client can also connect to the Hauppauge supplied software should you wish!

Mark is currently playing with the media streaming framework to well, create an easily extensible framework with the eventual aim of supporting transcoding in an integrated manner.

I'm doing my best (as usual) to break things! I'm changing the skin slightly to make configuration a bit easier and few other things.

New page especially for MVPserver. New screenshots.


Since MVPserver allows a nice looking gui to be written, they've been placed on the Screenshots page.


Available from the Sourceforge page

MVPServer depends on some external projects: libevent (>= 1.1), ImageMagick, Python, SDL (optional), libid3tag, Python Imaging Library, mplayer/mencoder (optional), xine (optional), Python id3lib.

If you want to have your server on a different subnet to the mediamvp, then compile mvprelay for your router architecture. Or if you've got a quick connection, connection to a server on the internet.

Future Plans


MVPServer has/is been/being written by Dominic Morris, Dave Kelly, Ian Cass, Mark Hartigan-Davies

19/9/2007 Contact: dom /at/ suborbital /dot/ org /dot/ uk