MediaMVP VDR Plugin

The Server

The software supplied by Hauppauge only runs on Windows, and only a few specific versions of windows at that. Since I don't have a dedicated windows machine and the supplied server doesn't support streaming media from a DVB card it was time to crack out ethereal and do some experimentation. The server on this page is the result of my investigations.

The standalone server which you can download below should work with any pvr system that presents data in PES format over http. I'm working on vdr integration since that's the system I run, but if anyone else wants to work on integration with other systems then please feel free!


The server interface is based on that of VDR and as such should be familar to users of that piece of software.

Main Menu
The main menu of the plugin.


An NSLU2 build is available via unslung. My slug is now disc-less so I can no longer test builds.


CVS is located at sourceforge. The project is named vdr-mediamvp. The current released server is under the module "mediamvp".

Future Plans

28-May-2006 Contact dom /at/ suborbital /dot/ org /dot/ uk