NB (intern) = internal release - no copies released

v1.0 - 26.1.96

Crippleware version - very limited and quite buggy

v1.1 - 28.1.96

Unreleased Shareware version, fully featured, except POKE @ was a dud command.

v1.11 - 12.2.96 (intern)

Fixed a lot of bugs, allowed a 4th parameter to go with the LOAD @ syntax so now a LOAD @drive,track,sector,addr is possible. Write protect files are now write protected - no rename/erase is now possible (thanks to a rather bizarre discussion on c.s.s for making me aware of this). Made the POKE @ syntax work. Optimized the code a little - length is now 5079 bytes. And wrote the snazzy more style file viewer.

v1.12 - 13.2.96

Added the FORMAT command, corrected the LOAD @ syntax to work properly (again...). Code length is now about 5230ish bytes.

v1.121 - 15.2.96 (intern)

Bug fix release. Made the handling of variable filenames the same as with +D ie following the drive indicator with a semi colon before the filename. Fixed a minor bug in the copy routine which caused +3 drive only destinations to report bad filename. Actual code length is now 5278 bytes.

v1.125 - 16.2.96 (intern)

Added syntax checking to obtain an abbreviated catalogue, ie CAT 1! syntax. Fixed the more viewer (now v1.01) to avoid crashes (for more details see the more documentation). Code length is now 5376 bytes.

v1.3 - 17.2.96 (intern)

Added (conditional) support for Hook Codes - I hope +D programmers will hear abt these conditions and support them, I can say confidently that 100% of current programs won't work with these HCs..but...WTF. Jiggled memory configuration around, so have more memory to play with. Corrected the CAT display - now gives the drive number, and the CAT ! syntax no longer clears the screen. Corrected a major bug which only becomes evident during run time - if a drive number was specified (instead of *) then the command was accepted when input, but kicked up an error when running - apologies to everyone who thought they were going mad! Code length is now 5556 bytes.

v1.31 - 18.2.96 (intern)

When copying to/from +3 drives, the filenames are displayed (ala +3 DOS). Upgraded more program (v1.1) see separate docs. Code length is now 5728 bytes.

v1.32 - 20.2.96 (intern)

Added a lot more Command Codes (See, got the right name this time!!!), and put details of them in the COMMAND.DOC file.

v1.33 - 21.2.96 (intern)

Made Command Codes return to BASIC without a crash. Fixed the "bug" in the CAT code which caused FP numbersto be inserted twice - this wasn't my fault - the +3 CAT code inserted them - God knows why, the command quite blatantly fails syntax!!! Code length is now 5949 bytes.

v1.331 - 6.3.96 (intern)

Fixed a couple of bugs in the CAT routine, non Spectrum files no longer crash (thanks to John Cleveland for pointing this out). 128K snapshots now have their number of sectors printed out correctly. Code length is now 5955 bytes (unpacked).

v1.34 - 7.3.96

Fixed a bug in the copy to +D routine, which caused code files to crash on +D/DiSCIPLE, fixed the Hook Code exit carry, corrected a (minor) bug in the load/save syntax scan code. Code length is 5960 bytes (unpacked).

v1.35 - 25.3.96 (intern)

Fixed a bug in the +D > +3 copy routine - no longer possible to have "0 files copied"! Last sector is now checked for when reading files, and produces an error if EOF. It is now possible to overwrite files, as with a +D, permission is asked beforehand. Command code PCAT added, and OFLM corrected so as to work the same as on +D. Errors which occur during command code execution now return with a +D error code, and carry set. The READ # command was added (simply because it may be useful!). The code length for this intermediary version is 6205 bytes. The next public release will include snapshot loading (hopefully).

v1.355 - 31.3.96 (intern)

If when copying from +D > +3 the filename isn't +3 compatible the user is now faced with a RIC prompt, R allows the input of a new filename, I skips copying of the file, and C gives the Bad Filename error, stopping copying entirely. Support for "dodgy" printers is now included. Upgraded the MORE viewer - see separate doc file. Program length is 6397 bytes.

v1.36 - 22.4.97

Corrected a few "feechures" which were hangovers from the old Convert/Transfer programs, added a check to see if we are copying headerless files from a +3, if so an error is produced. Made cataloguing discs quicker by checking for end of directory. The doc file became too long to edit with Tasword 2 so I've split it up, creating this separate history file - aha, lots more space to bore you with!!! Program length is 6476 bytes.

v1.361 - 30.4.96 (intern)

Optimized the code a little, saving about 30 bytes, added the automatic cataloguing if a capital D is used when writing the disc. Length is 6489 bytes.

v1.362 - 2.5.96 (intern)

[Covers his face in shame] Bug release I'm afraid, whilst playing today, I found out that the Overwrite? report really does mean overwrite, unfortunately not the file that it was meant to! The problem was caused by not completing the disc scan after the filename was found, so "bye bye" to those later files...ah, it's all a great big learning curve! The code has been optimized, and so the length is down to 6475 bytes (hurrah!!)

v1.363 - 13.5.96

Sorted out a few problems with the load/save syntax routines, corrected the CAT command (bug introduced in v1.36). Added the CLEAR # dud command for improved compatibility. Created the file DISC1363.OUT to enable Outlet to be run without problems. Code length is now up to 6520 bytes (gulps!).

v1.37 - 22.8.96 (intern)

Added 48k snapshot loading, corrected an error report bug in the load program number routine. Code length is now 6686 bytes (panic sets in!)

v1.371 - 4.9.96

Fixed a couple of things that popped up due to adding snapshot loading in the last release.

HTMLised 23/4/96 Dominic Morris