Note this textfile has been taken from the downloadable version of DiSCDOS hence the reference to keypresses

Yes, I hate bloody crippleware too, but hopefully you'll register this damn fine program soon and won't have to put up with it.

Details abt getting the full version of the program are at the end of the file.

Right, having got that out of the way...what the hell is DiSCDOS?

The program patches seamlessly into BASIC, not altering its normal usage but allowing you to read +D/DISCiPLE discs from BASIC using +D syntax. This means that there's no more messing around with Convert or Transfer (lovely programs, but now sadly outdated..) and changing the load/save syntax.

Now you can load all of those programs off of +D disc, allowing you to access all of those programs which are haven't yet been converted - it's a total revolution which has been driving me mad for the past 7 months that I've been writing it.

How do you use it? Well, simply press "I" now and the program will be installed and functioning.

Here's a list of the list of the commands that can be used in this version:

CAT drv                                                         
LOAD D[drive]"filename"                                         

The LOAD command accepts all of the extensions that the normal +3DOS LOAD command accepts ie you can use LOAD " " CODE, DATA SCREEN$ etc. The drive must be either 1,2 or *. For CAT the drive must be either 1 or 2.

The drive number doesn't matter, all "+D" operations default to the external 3.5" drive.

So go out, try it, and then register because this is what you'll get when you do...

- Save function
- Merge function
- Load file by program number
- File rename function
- File erase function
- CLS # command
- File copy +D > +D
- File move to stream
- Sector loading/saving
- Fully featured CAT command including streams and wildcard
- File copy to and from +3 discs (including wildcard usage)

Plus free minor updates and discounts on major updates.

Your mouth is salivating, at all of these features? Well.. register!!!!

To register this program and get the full working version with SAVE compabilities, simply send me a cheque for `6 or up till the end of July I'll let you get away with 15DM (cash). If you have already registered one of my programs (ie Slowdos) then the price is 4. In return you'll once more get a disc of my programs and more importantly free bug updates and very cheap updates.

Why have I made this program Crippleware?

Because I'm a mean bastard.. No seriously I have spent a lot of time writing this program - and I think I've done a damn good job. And besides do you really want to keep with Transfer and Convert?!?!?!

Thanks to:

Ian Collier (for information about the ROMS)
Andy Davies (for being patient - was it worth the wait?)
WoMO (for being there even if I wasn't!!!)
And you know who you are...

Dominic Morris


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